Tapati (tapati) wrote,

I remember Shirley Chisholm

The media seems to have forgotten she ever existed, but in terms of ability and experience she was the first "credible" African-American candidate and one of the many female candidates for President. Read more about this incredible woman that ought to get more credit than she does. I think of her every time someone says "first African-American" and "first woman" about Obama or Clinton.

I was surprised to find out how many women have made it onto the ballot in presidential races and how early in our history they achieved this.

And of course, there was Patricia Schroeder.

In more recent years there have been a number of both women and African-American candidates. So let's stop saying "first" about these folks, unless we want to follow that with "First x type of candidate to raise large sums of money for their campaign." That seems to be what we mean these days when we say "credible candidate."

Campaign finance reform, anyone?
Tags: first african-american, first woman, shirley chisholm, women politicians

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