Tapati (tapati) wrote,

I should do this

But which issue should I pick?


Domestic violence/poverty/bodyimage/ uh, well they do feed into each other, don't they. Hmmmm. Once upon a time I was working on a piece that proved to be too painful to write about, that showed how negative body image was intimately connected with how I settled for an abusive relationship and stayed in it for so long. I got about a page and a half into it. I ought to look at that again and see if there's something I can build on, or if I should start over completely.

Basically, poor body image led to low self esteem which led to settling for an abusive husband who reinforced the body image/self esteem to keep me hooked and finally leaving led to poverty. All against the backdrop of a society that reinforced the poor body image and low self esteem in so many ways and did little to help me transcend the poverty (as my daughter is now finding out, years later, with the same $2000.00 resource limit they had back in the 70s).

Anything else I should include?
Tags: lj contest
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