Tapati (tapati) wrote,

More family pictures

Scanning old photos is addictive! At least if I'm going to be depressed and avoiding what I ought to be doing, something is getting done!

Behind the cut are some more family photos.

My Aunt Virginia and Bonnie, my mom (L-R):

My great-great-grandmother Laura Elmoria McDaniel Paris:

My great-great-grandfather George Washington Paris:

Their daughter Nona Pearl (3rd from L), her husband Lee Elschlager (2nd from L), and her nephew George Paris (first from L-R) and his wife Pauline (far right). They raised George after his father Cecil Earl was murdered (see previous posts):

And me when I was young, having a good sulk at my grandparents' farm:

Tags: bonnie, cecil earl, family photos, george paris, george washington paris, laura mcdaniel, pauline paris, virginia

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