Tapati (tapati) wrote,

What passes for news

Surely this person deserves some kind of award for heroism:

"Stylist: I tried to halt Britney shaving head."

Honest to Goddess CNN website headline, I kid you not. You would think that Britney tried to kill herself and the stylist valiantly grabbed the gun or the knife she was using.

Let's get a sense of proportion here--a young celebrity shaved her over-processed hair off. In a few short weeks she'll have a cute head of fuzz and in 6 months she'll have a stylish short head of hair. Does this news deserve such prominence as to be in the top half of CNN's web page, displacing more important headlines that ought to be drawn to our attention?

I realize I'm beating a dead horse, but it's either that or beat my head against the wall--and as usual, I already have a headache, thank you.
Tags: britney, celebrities, culture, news, news media
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