Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Dear CNN--can you report the real news?

To CNN.com via their feedback web form:

While I have no problem with Anna Nicole Smith's death being reported, I question whether celebrity news like this deserves the prominence of being listed at the top of your web page, the equivalent of front page news, when it could be listed under Entertainment down below. Likewise, I was dismayed to see live coverage of her death on the various cable news outlets.

Everyone I discuss this issue (the encroachment of celebrity news on the front pages or broadcasts) with agrees that they are dismayed that "real" news is being displaced or pushed into less prominent displays, given less time, or are reported in less depth to make room for this stuff. It used to be if you wanted to learn about the minute details of celebrity's lives you had to read a special section or special magazine devoted to that sort of thing. Now it's splashed all over the front pages or near the top of the nightly broadcast. I could care less about Madonna's adoption, the latest "Brangelina" news or other such material. Please, find a better sense of proportion and keep the celeb news in the entertainment section where it belongs.

I'd also like to see a "religion" section of your page where issues related to all religions are reported.
Tags: celebrities, culture, news
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