Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Celebrity News Displaces "Real" News

My sympathies to Angelina Jolie for the loss of her mother to cancer, but I think she would agree with me that this news doesn't belong in the top section of CNN's main web page, 9th headline from the top. That's what the Entertainment section is for. I'm sure Hollywood stars appreciate publicity, but even they have to wonder how news of their lives has reached this level of prominence. Once upon a time one had to read the gossip column or an entertainment magazine to get this kind of information. Now, even those of us who normally don't wish to follow every development in the personal relationships of the stars are bombarded with it. Does anyone else wonder what news gets displaced by such reporting? Is there anyway to stuff this particular genie back in his or her entertainment news bottle?

I suggest we all start writing to our favorite news media outlets and urge them to put this type of news back where it belongs and return to substantive reporting of the events that are currently unfolding in these turbulent times. History is being made--but will the future judge us for being so preoccupied with Brangelina and Madonna's adoption that we failed to pay attention?
Tags: angelina jolie, celebrity culture, entertainment, gossip, news, tabloid
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