Tapati (tapati) wrote,

A family murder mystery

From the aged, yellowed newspaper clipping:

George Paris found dead this morning

Memphis, Mo.--George Frank Paris, 55, was found dead at about 1:30 this morning at the Charles Super Service Station where he was employed.

A passer-by saw the body lying in front of the pumps and reported it.

He was born August 24, 1905 in Scotland county, son of George and Laura McDaniel Paris.

He married Miss Elsa Shepherd, August 24, 1926. She survives.

Also surviving are one brother, E.O. Paris of Arbela; three sisters--Mrs. Lee Elschlager of Downing, Mrs. Ova Burnett of Fort Madison and Mrs. Oscar McKinney of Mt. Sterling, IA.

The funeral service will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. (DST) in the Camp Ground church near Downing.

Burial will be in the church cemetery.

The body is at Gerth and Baskett Funeral Home.
Unfortunately it is not dated but the date would be between August 24, 1960 and August 24, 1961, and a perusal of the back of the clipping shows stats for traffic deaths for between July 21, 1960-61. So that narrows it down to July 21-August 23rd, 1961.

All we know is that he was shot. No one is aware of any conflicts or death threats that could have explained it.

The three sisters mentioned include my great-grandmother, who took in one of his sons. His wife, Elsa, was deaf at a time when there were no real educational opportunities and couldn't support their children. Various family members took them in. My "Uncle" George Paris, who was really my cousin, was raised with my Grandma (Velma) and Aunt Dorothy as their brother. Uncle George passed away years ago and his wife, my Aunt Pauline, is still alive along with his son and grandchildren. We'd all love to solve this mystery. It seems to me that the killer is probably dead now but maybe a surviving family member knows something.
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