June 17th, 2015


With Regard to Rachel Dolezal

Personally I have distant African ancestry and I grew up with an African American uncle and thus spent time in the community. However, I'm quite aware that no matter how much I respect and appreciate black culture, I grew up with white privilege and I have not experienced their struggle. I do not have the right to claim to be black and I know that a vast majority of black people would be deeply offended if I tried to. If I really do feel a sense of solidarity, which I do, then I should place their wishes and comfort above my own (if I were tempted to pass as black somehow). That's what being an ally means. Yes race has been culturally constructed--by racist white people--which is all the more reason for me to respect black people's wishes in this regard. It's their culture, it's their struggle. I'm just a witness to it.

That said, her parents are absolutely creepy. If they ever had a desire to reconcile with her, publicly speaking against her is not the way to go.

Getting Out a Medical Dictionary

MRI Knee Right Without Contrast

Keeping in mind that I had a former injury where I hit the inside of my knee on the edge of the bathtub and shower track with my full weight in 2008, it's been tender ever since, but in February of this year I did a couple of stupid things that reawakened that knee pain but also included pain down my leg, knee popping and great difficulty bearing weight that persists despite physical therapy. Ortho doc gave me a long lecture about OA though I've been told based on xrays that my OA is mild to moderate and it mostly hurt me when rising to a standing position, on stairs, or if riding in car for long periods. I had good flexibility prior to February's injury, could do deep squats for instance since I have back pain and avoid bending. Ortho doc said prior to this MRI that I had to beg for that no one in his department would ever do surgery on someone of my weight even if needed. I may have to go somewhere for a second opinion. I'm taking my husband to the appointment with him on the 26th so perhaps we'll have a more polite discussion. Just getting this MRI involved enormous pain from having to hold one position throughout and sleep is getting to be very difficult. Every time I move my leg it hurts enough to wake me up.

INDICATION: Question meniscal or chondral injury, knee pain

COMPARISON: Knee radiographs 03/16/2000 10:15


REPORT: Quadriceps and patellar tendons intact with mild proximal patellar
tendinosis and quadriceps insertional enthesophyte with trace reactive edema.
Anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments intact. Collateral ligaments and
popliteus intact. Possible horizontal undersurface tear body of the medial
meniscus, with signal abnormality with borderline abutment of the inferior
articular surface of the meniscus.

Grade 3 medial femoral condyle and lateral tibial plateau chondrosis with areas
of near full-thickness chondral loss. Grade 3 patellar chondrosis with
perpendicular near full-thickness chondral fissuring. More mild chondrosis

Large suprapatellar effusion with thickened superior suprapatellar plica.
Approximately 2 x 3 x 1 cm popliteal cyst.


1. Possible horizontal undersurface tear body of the medial meniscus.
2. Tricompartmental grade 3 chondrosis.
3. Large suprapatellar effusion with thickened superior right hip.
4. 2 x 3 by 1 cm popliteal cyst.
4. Mild proximal patellar tendinosis and quadriceps insertional enthesophyte
with trace reactive edema.