August 5th, 2013


Kaiser's Failing Mental Health Services

Last week we received Kaiser's denial of my request for weekly therapy. I am moving on to the state with my complaint. I feel discounted and devalued and discouraged. I have to agree, Kaiser is not meeting its obligation to patients with mental illness.

I have to file a complaint with the state now and we are scraping together funds for one appointment with my old therapist per month mainly to help me deal with the stress of trying to fight this. Kaiser just says hey we have group therapy. And a pain management program that would require me to give up my vicodin and percocet, which I use for migraines and gout, respectively. While I use them sparingly and do use a variety of other things to address pain, such as ice/heat/meditation, when I need those meds I really need them. So we are at an impasse.

"On June 26, NUHW psychologists, therapists and social workers in both Northern and Southern California held joint press conferences to discuss Kaiser’s habitual short staffing of its mental health services. Recently, acting on the findings of a report compiled by NUHW mental health clinicians, the California state government fined Kaiser $4 million for violating laws protecting timely access for patients in emotional and psychological distress."