July 5th, 2013



I filed a complaint with Kaiser Permanente's Member Services about its Behavioral Health department and the lack of weekly therapy appointments. Their cost saving system is monthly appointments with a therapist and the rest of the time patients are invited to attend a variety of therapy groups they offer. The only thing that is individualized is the type of groups you attend. This doesn't work well for everyone. But if you object to it, you are the one with the problem.

The process is enormously stressful and has introduced an element of awkwardness into my relationship with my therapist.

My Kaiser therapist actually asked me how weekly therapy helps me (vs monthly) and I felt like I'd traveled to some alternate universe where they'd never heard of such a thing. Then I wondered why she had so little faith in her profession!

I am planning to make an appointment with my pre-Kaiser therapist so I can decompress.