December 22nd, 2011


Some Ignorance in Your Holiday Stocking?

It would be nice if we could spend a tenth as much time examining why some men choose to rape women and figure out how to get them to stop as we do telling women the magical ways they can rape-proof themselves (which is not really possible). It would be a start, anyway. Binge drinking, straw man arguments and rape prevention (Feministing)

Meanwhile, over at Shakesville, Melissa McEwan responds to this fuckery--"BBC: Tell loved ones they are overweight this Christmas." Wow, really? Because I didn't know and would just go on in blissful ignorance if someone didn't tell me. It's not like I don't get fat-shamed over and over again in this fat-hating society. If I did celebrate Christmas, this would ruin it for me forever. So don't listen to the BBC, please, if you actually love your friends and family members who happen to be fat.

Pull out quote: I will never stop being amazed by how we are encouraged to regard all fatties as people overeating to fill an emotional void, then interact with them in abusive ways that create emotional voids. --Melissa McEwan Can we clone her? We need an army of Melissas.

A Heartwarming Tale of Menstruation

An Indian Inventor Disrupts The Period Industry

When Arunachalam Muruganantham decided he was going to do something about the fact that women in India can’t afford sanitary napkins, he went the extra mile: He wore his own for a week to figure out the best design.

This guy is amazing. Knowing something about the culture I'm kind of amazed he kept pushing past the gender issues to figure this out. I have been so poor I couldn't afford such products and had to make do, but at least I had some decent rags available. I can't imagine bark, ashes, etc., as a last resort. I love that this will offer employment opportunities to impoverished rural women, too.

Tired of the BS About the Obama Family Christmas Card?

A Comparison of Obama, Bush and Reagan Christmas cards

Marilena Noy:

"I've noticed that the comments made by the idiot from Alaska, Sarah Palin, about the President's Christmas Card not being traditional and not showing 'family values' and all the blah, blah, blah that only she can muster, I am re-posting a picture that I put together showing one of Reagan's Christmas Card, one of George W. Bush and the one in question from Obama. Now, seeing all 3, which one is more tasteful? Which one represents more a home in Christmas? You be the judge."