December 8th, 2011


Newt Gingrich and the GOP's War on Poor Children

Gingrich defends plan of orphanages for welfare kids.

Newt Gingrich defends anti-child labor law stance

Santorum: We Don’t Need Food Stamps Because Obesity Rates Are So High

From Newt's greatest hits: take welfare children away from their mom or dad and put them in an orphanage. Oh excuse me, "boarding school." It'll be just like the heartwarming tale of "Boys Town" except the kids will be missing their living parents. Clearly Newt has never been to a poor single-parent family home because he describes America as allowing "a brutalization and a degradation of children in this country." So all poor homes are brutal and violent while middle class and above homes are havens of decency and care? Abuse cuts across all socioeconomic boundaries. Much of the hard-hearted attitude of the GOP seems to spring from utter ignorance about the lives of poor people. Just as Bill O'Reilly was surprised to find that Harlem restaurants are just like any "white" restaurant, Republicans might be surprised to find out how many similarities there are in poor households to those of other classes, lack of money aside. Not that they will ever bother to learn. But really this is also a racist code because even though white people on welfare outnumber black people on welfare, the picture in their minds is of the stereotypical black ghetto. To the GOP, poor equals black or maybe latino/a.

Now he just wants to put the poor kids to work at an early age and Rick Santorum wants to take away their food stamps. The GOP is just like the bully who takes away your lunch money--only now you have to work to earn it back. He suggests poor kids join a janitorial service but hey, why stop there? Our kids could compete with China's kids in factories. We'll be back on top economically in no time with child labor!

You Know Those Anti-Benefits For Poor Statements They Make?

Can we start a twitter hashtag? #GOPwaronpoorkids for posting them? Because cutting benefits that help poor families directly affects children. The GOP gets a lot of traction with stirring up resentment against adults who are poor, using up voters' tax dollars. But their cuts affect children and no one can say the children deserve to starve or go without medical care.

Would love to see it trend some day...

I Have a Few Hundred Words About Our Date

1600 clueless, invasive, stalkerish and insecure words--with a bullet point list no less. I've boiled it down for you:

Hi Lauren,

I know you enjoyed our date as much as I did because you stayed until the end unlike the last 5 women I talked into going out with me. You even looked at me and when you touched your hair I knew that was your secret signal that we were meant to be. But then you didn't return my calls so I know you must be cheating on me and I demand an apology. I still think we could have a great life together, I mean second date. I've got it all figured out with bullet points and everything because I'm organized and logical like that. I make LOTS of money which I'm sure will impress you if you're shallow like me. Call me back and we can get started on our second date. Or you can let me know why there won't be one after you led me on.

Best, Mike