September 9th, 2011


GP post/Kindle love

When I was in Jr High I estimated that I was reading about 600 books a year. Then my reading slowed to a comparative trickle as eyesight, migraines, and arthritis made reading more difficult. I was a die-hard lover of books over ereaders but when I got a Kindle suddenly I was able to read like a teenager again. I found I love reading more than I love the form it used to come in. Try it. E Ink is easy on the eyes. Plus every book is a large print book. Kindle is also lighter to hold than a hardbound book or many paperbacks so my arthritic hands are better able to cope.

I am grateful that I can read like I used to once again.


The absolute best thing we could do to commemorate 9/11 is to cover the medical expenses of the First Responders who are getting cancer and respiratory illnesses from the contaminated air. They spent days and weeks in that hellhole and they deserve our support.