June 3rd, 2010


The New "V's" Lost Opportunity

The new version of "V" missed some things. Important things.

If you're going to mount a successful resistance movement, you ought to come up with some slogans to begin to educate people. Propaganda is an important aspect of your struggle and clearly, Anna knows how to sway public opinion. With an opponent like that you have to fight head on for the heart and minds of the people--both "visitor" and human. They should have shown the main characters doing so early on. They could have been out ahead of Anna's campaign to frame the Fifth Column as human terrorists.

For the human population, take advantage of the presence of visitors in your resistance and get some intel on their history, why Anna is a tyrant, how their own people don't all agree with what she's doing. Humans were heard saying more than once "But they haven't done anything bad!" Well, you need to tell them just what they've done! Draw on our rich history to illustrate your points. Trojan horse, anyone? It's not just a condom!
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Do you have a revolution you need slogans for?