September 12th, 2009


Please Join Me In A Moment of Prayer or Positive Energy

Recently, a writer I much admire, Fran Varian, posted a moving request to send our love, prayers, candle-burning, spells, good energy, or whatever help we can spare, to a wonderful woman in the poetry community who was just diagnosed with a rare and vicious form of cancer. You can read the details of Gabrielle Bouliane's lifetime contribution to the poetry slam movement in Fran's post.

Gabrielle has a page here:

You can leave a positive message in her guestbook.

(Btw, caringbridge is a good resource for families and friends when a loved one is sick, to keep everyone in the loop and provide a place for the affected person to blog. I was really impressed and I intend to make use of their resources if I ever have the misfortune to go through another heart surgery.)