April 23rd, 2009


SARK available for consultation

Couching With SARK!

Anyone who has read SARK's books or seen one of her cards or posters knows that she is a veritable fountain of inspiration and creativity. What if you could harness that power in your own life? Well, now you can! SARK is offering coaching and mentoring via phone, or "couching" as she calls it. The link, above, goes to a page that tells you all you need to know to bring SARK's wisdom and inspiration home. If you are working on a creative project and would like advice, struggling with how to implement an idea for a business, or have a personal issue that's troubling you, SARK either has ideas or can point you to the resources you need. (SARK gives referrals to licensed therapists whenever appropriate for deeper issues that require their professional assistance.)

I also recommend SARK's Journal.