April 9th, 2009


All 3 of my domains are down, including GR

I suspect that my former workplace/current ISP has cut off my free service rather abruptly. We used to give a month's warning when I was in charge of billing. I've written to two co-workers to find out if this is indeed the case and negotiate time to get my files, especially GR's, in order to transfer them. I understand why my former independent Mom and Pop ISP must charge so much for domains and hosting, but I can't pay it with no income.

Meanwhile I have no email through labyris and that's where most of my email is routed through. So...a quiet email day for me I guess.

ETA: apparently the fiber optic cable being cut affected some Cruzio hosted domains but not others. I have the "classic" variety which were all affected. They should have it back up before long.