January 28th, 2009


What every battered woman should know

According to an article in CNN, Research shows that athlete's brains have damage from concussions.

This easily applies to anyone who has repeated blows to the head. Most battered women, if not all, are being struck in the head or having their head smashed into walls or floors. Even if you don't end up in the hospital with a serious concussion, you may have a mild concussion. This research shows that even those milder concussions are doing damage. The damage doesn't show up in MRIs or CT scans, but in this study they examined brain tissue of deceased athletes and saw extensive damage. Some of the symptoms of that damage were sleep disorders, depression, headaches, and memory problems. They call the disorder chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

So far six out of six brains of former NFL players show the disorder. The youngest case was an 18 year old who already had the beginnings of brain damage. Think about it, our high school kids who play vigorous sports who get their heads knocked around may be getting brain damage. Researchers were shocked to find damage deep inside, not just on the surface.

This was particularly chilling for me to read because I have the surface evidence of damage--leading me to believe I may very well have some additional damage that wasn't seen on the MRI.

I've written to the Sports Legacy Institute and suggested they expand their research to include people who've survived repeated domestic assault. All one has to do is donate their brain to the project. I plan to donate my organs and be cremated anyway, so I'd be happy to sign up. At least my family can get some answers.
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