January 7th, 2009


Back ups are always a good thing

Regardless of the fate of LJ, I think people should back up their journals for posterity. I mean, what happens when we die? This stuff is not going to stay here unless our relatives want to pay for the account in perpetuity. How likely is that?

When I took a class on the history of women in America, the point was made that the only reason we know about the lives of average women in early American history was the journals and letters that were preserved. We may not think our journal entries are great prose worthy of preservation. But they do provide important glimpses into what life is like in this era of history--and isn't this an exciting era? Even if it weren't, future historians will rely on whatever remains of posts and forums from the early internet era in addition to whatever paper journals that were kept.

At least back up in Word whatever posts you feel are important to you. :)

The site Multiply.com also imports LJ, though without the comments, if you'd just like to make sure there's a copy in case LJ ever goes down. I suspect they'd give us all warning if that were going to happen, but apparently some sites have just gone down. That certainly happened with one forum I was involved in--without warning and without a chance to preserve any posts we cared about.

If you feel that your journal is trivial, of course that's your call to make. I just wanted to make a case for the historical value.