November 18th, 2008


Grandma's Dinner Part I

ETA: This is a fictionalized version of my family in which I bring a fictional female partner home for dinner. In real life I never bothered, ended up coming out as bi and marrying a man after my mom, aunt and grandmother had passed away. Although I came out to my mom and she was completely accepting (back when I thought I must be a lesbian rather than bi) I didn't waste my time with the rest of the family. Some of Grandma's comments are from real life--she did say of my first husband "thank the lord he's white" for example, and did try to fix me up with a friend of hers while I was still married. When I wrote this originally I still thought I would indeed find a nice girl and get married. :)

Grandma’s Dinner

It was a typical conversation with my grandma.

“Teri, you’re not going to bring her, are you? Our neighbors won’t understand.” Grandma said in a warning tone.

I couldn’t help but point out that she was trying to hide her own disapproval behind the neighbors’ potential gossip.

“How will the neighbors know we’re lesbians if you don’t tell them? It’s not like we’ll be having sex on your lawn, you know!” I rolled my eyes, grateful that Grandma couldn’t see me over the phone lines. Maybe video phones aren’t such a great idea.

Grandma tried another tactic: “You know it will upset your grandpa…”

I interrupted, “Then I’ll talk to him, but I don’t think he’s the one who has the problem—you seem to be the only one who isn’t happy to see us together.”

Grandma sighed heavily. I wondered if she was glancing at her beloved Serenity Prayer plaque. For someone who revered it so much she sure had a problem putting it into practice.
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