October 15th, 2008


Poverty Stories

ETA: Thanks for the wonderful stories of stretching food, gardening, and so on. That's how people learn to survive hard times!


I was talking on a forum about some of the things my Mom made at the end of the month when we were low on foodstamps or had run out entirely.

She made bread soup, simply milk heated with margarine and salt and pepper to taste, and then would tear up stale bread and add that to the pot. It was quick and warm and still reminds me of her.

She would also use leftover white rice and fry it. First she browned some chopped onions, then she'd add the rice and brown it slightly, adding pepper, and then serve it with either soy sauce or ketchup. (Tastes better than it sounds!)

She also made cornmeal pancakes and cornmeal "mush" as she called it, basically polenta, which she fried and poured maple syrup on.
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