August 22nd, 2008


First the book, then a movie

Your result for The Director Who Films Your Life Test...

Francis Ford Coppola

Your film will be 64% romantic, 30% comedy, 33% complex plot, and a $ 40 million budget.

Filmography: The Conversation, The Godfather (and Pt. 2 and Pt. 3), Apocolypse Now, Peggy Sue Got Married, Jack, etc. He even used his clout after The Godfather to get George Lucas' classic American Graffiti made. But then he notoriously went WAY overbudget with Apocolypse Now which sort of maimed his career since. He's been doing a lot of small films lately which may give your life story an inside track. A high-budget simple romantic drama is best in the hands of this modern master filmmaker.

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So now I know just who to call.