April 22nd, 2008


Becoming a Boddhisattva


The Actual Pledge

I'm not saying I am at all qualified to ever do such a thing--but I aspire to be, without taking on necessarily the whole framework of Buddhism. (For one thing, like all Eastern paths it still has remnants of sexism and other things that I disagree with.)

So...let me become a pagan version of a Boddhisattva in some lifetime. Besides, I no longer see this realm as something I must escape. But there are many fires to put out here and someone has to woman the bucket brigade.

Fear of Being Alone

The fear of being alone is one of the forces keeping battered women from leaving their husbands. Our society constantly reinforces the notion that we are somehow deficient if we do not have a mate. One would think we were being herded into the Ark. Must pair up, now, and make the ship in time.
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A moment of whimsy

There once was an alien named Ba'al
Whose fashions were the greatest of all
but he once tried to fight
One dark fateful night
Only to be tripped by his greatcoat and fall.

There once was a System Lord named Ba'al
Who held all the women in thrall
Though the Jaffa beat his people
As they rebelled against evil
He still seeks to be Lord of us all