July 16th, 2007


After the Odyssey

In the previous installment of my story about my homeless odyssey, I had just been rescued from the sodden campground where I and my children had run out of food, and was headed to the train station to take an Amtrak train cross country to Iowa, returning to my emotionally abusive family to spare my children from starvation. I had also told the story of my moment of absolute despair when I prayed for a break in my karma.

We arrived at the train station the next morning and Mahasraya was waiting for us there. My friend, A.S. dasi, told me wisely to buy my ticket before speaking to him at all. That's exactly what I did. He tried to talk to me and I insisted I wouldn't until I was finished buying our tickets.
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Over the years people hear bits of my life story and tell me I should write a book. I've always hesitated because of this one painful part of my life, knowing that I'd have to relive it to some degree in order to write about it. So I've started writing up the bare bones of that period of time to see how it feels and if I can really delve into it without making myself crazy, or crazier. I also want to find out if people actually do want to read this stuff, a tale of domestic violence, poverty, nearly losing my son to head injury, coming out as queer and having to leave my religion (the Hare Krsna movement) behind, putting myself through college, working on body image, being diagnosed with heart disease at 42 and having a quadruple bypass, being the black sheep of my family, etc., etc., it's all downer stuff, though I think I've kept a good sense of humor about it. So I question whether people really want to read all that? There is good stuff, to be sure, but there's a lot of painful memories as well.

So feedback on content is appreciated.