July 15th, 2007


The fundamentalist atheist?

I get along fine with the majority of atheists I encounter. I feel no need to push religion on the unwilling. But I read the statements of a few and am baffled by their apparent intolerance of people like me. This is an interesting blog post about Richard Dawkins and fundamentalist atheism that I found interesting.

One of the few things that does set my teeth on edge, besides being told the world would be a better place without religion, is when an atheist makes a very simplistic statement about belief in God or religion in general that seems to stem solely from a view of Christianity, ignoring the many other views of Deity from impersonal Brahman to the Buddhist complete lack of a personal god or goddess. Lumping us all together really bugs me. I know there are a variety of atheists in the world--is it too much to ask that they also acknowledge that there are a variety of spiritual beliefs and believers in the world too?