April 18th, 2006


Every year

Every year I get depressed when it's dark, cloudy, and the days are short. Every winter I become lethargic and sluggish, retreating into fantasy, books, and tv to try to wait it out. Every year I beat myself up for being lazy.

Then the sun comes out and I have energy again and start getting things done.

Obviously it's not laziness. It's depression.

Why can't I remember this and stop beating myself up?

Oh yeah, beating yourself up is also a symptom of depression.

I need to post this in my home so I see it every day.

Cool blog

I like their take on body image issues, the blog is about fitness, diet and health:


I love it when people have the good sense to divorce getting healthy from meeting a certain beauty standard, and still more when they point out why that standard is unreasonable. Great story about J. K. Rowling too.

If you need encouragement to lose weight for health, not some artificial standard of beauty, this might be the blog for you.

ETA: J. K. Rowling's take on weight in her own words. Great story!