July 22nd, 2005


well, since I'm banned

I can't comment directly to respond to some of the ill informed ramblings in Karen Hall's comment box over on Some Have Hats: http://somehavehats.typepad.com/some_have_hats/2005/07/queer_is_a_stat.html#comments

but I'll wait until they wind down and do a rebuttal here.

Hmmm, don't know why there's all this space before the link, I have tried to fix it.

another resource for dying

I ran into this great book at the local library:

Sacred Dying: Creating Rituals For Embracing The End of Life by Megory Anderson.

I just love this book and it makes me think about doing volunteer work in the hospice field. She runs the nonprofit Sacred Dying Foundation in San Francisco. I will have to buy this one. It's really thorough, she has covered everything I can think of to help anyone have a spiritual death experience no matter what their tradition or situation is.

I may elaborate on this later but I wanted to enter it so I wouldn't forget--the book has to go back to the library.