June 28th, 2005


What's up with everybody's hair?

Am I the only one who wants to hand out hairbrushes to women with stylishly-messy hair?

I was trying to watch Six Feet Under the other night and desperately wanted to hand Claire a hairbrush or, worse, brush her damn hair myself because I didn't believe she could do it!

Saturday Night Live made fun of the trend with a skit based on Cold Case, with a mouse finally crawling out of the rats nest of hair. A ghost desperately mimes using a hair brush at one point. We were howling.

Come on America, messy hair doesn't look stylish or artful or cool or whatever the buzz word is these days. It just looks messy. I don't understand why middle and upper class women want to look like they just crawled out from under the bridge. Trust me, you're going to look back at pictures from this era and cringe, much like we do at our hippie era clothes or 80s polyester fetish.