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22 July 2005 @ 04:52 pm
well, since I'm banned  
I can't comment directly to respond to some of the ill informed ramblings in Karen Hall's comment box over on Some Have Hats: http://somehavehats.typepad.com/some_have_hats/2005/07/queer_is_a_stat.html#comments

but I'll wait until they wind down and do a rebuttal here.

Hmmm, don't know why there's all this space before the link, I have tried to fix it.
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Tapatitapati on July 23rd, 2005 01:00 am (UTC)
It's clear that she's driven by her fears.

I think she sees the writing she does in Hollywood as a way to pay the bills and consoles herself that it doesn't completely match her viewpoint because it is not fully under her control. She probably fears to try to make her living as a novelist where she would have more control over content.

I see what's going on in comments today as a microcosm of the culture wars and as such the conflict in world views and even the basic meaning of words used fascinates me. Can we really not find a way to respectfully coexist? And do some really think gay bashing is no different from the usual brawls that go on? They must be ill informed about the frequency and level of violence involved...