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Maybe I need to do a cleansing...

First off, this has been technology gremlin week. I had both printers fail to work at the same time just when I desperately needed to print out a medical release form for a claimant to sign that day. I actually had to email the forms and get my husband to fax them to me so I'd have hard copies. (There are two versions, one for Kaiser in case that's their provider.)

My car's engine light went on and the problem is one of those mysterious, intermittent ones that may reoccur.

My computer wouldn't boot properly until I tried it again several times. On the same night my forum went down.

A Word doc had a mysterious page that would disappear if you scrolled down and reappear if you scrolled back up. My husband verified this. Wtf?

Then the gremlins moved on to the purely physical and just when I had most of the books on one bookshelf and had gone to my room, the whole bookshelf fell over and spewed the books everywhere. I've never seen this happen to one of my bookshelves before! It was just fine when I left it, not a sign of teetering or instability, I didn't leave it top heavy or something stupid.

So I think it's past time that I did some ritual here. I had been too busy to do my full cleansing when I first moved, all I did was set up an altar and burn some sage, along with bringing bread and salt as the first things into our new home.

Is Mercury in retrograde? I should check. While there's no spell for that, it would be good to know.
Tags: computer glitches, gremlins

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