Tapati (tapati) wrote,

I only thought I escaped

I had a dream about the ex-landlords. We were in a small room inside their house, but the room had the short walls of a cubicle and windows with flimsy curtains. Their teenage daughter (in real life a grown woman) came into our room and started hassling us. We had to throw her out. Meanwhile her parents watched and did nothing. We were trying to hold it together because we had only a few more days there and we knew they were trying to drive us out early. So just to spite them we were determined to stay.

I woke up from this dream and couldn't go back to sleep. Ugh. Hate these people!

I like how it was a weird sort of blending of elements of my daughter's experience renting a room in Downey (from the guy who kicked her out one night) and my former experience with a landlord's teenage daughter trying to lord it over us, along with my recent landlords and their nosey daughter who was in one of the units of the triplex, spying on us.
Tags: deposit, dreams, landlords

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