Tapati (tapati) wrote,

It's starting to look like home

or, er, a temporary apartment home...I guess I can't let myself entirely forget that.

We worked hard on our belated unpacking this weekend and made great strides. We even got someone to take away a lot of boxes. If you post on Craigslist it is amazing how fast someone will arrange to come by and take them away.

We also did some laundry and cleaning. I have a lot more work to do tomorrow but I feel like I am close to the finish line. We are also looking at things we can get rid of. We dropped the price on the mini-fridge we're trying to sell, the one that was only used for a couple of months. I wish I could hang on to it but just have no place for it. I had a fantasy of putting it in my room along with a microwave and having retreats there, since I have my own bathroom. And I swear, my bedroom is as big as some studio apartments. But it would be wasteful to run that much juice and really, big as my room is it would be a tight squeeze.

I am happy to see this year behind me and a new one dawning. Happy 2007!
Tags: unpacking

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