Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Landlords strike again

The landlords took $270.00 out of our deposit for various things we heartily disagree with, such as cleaning and painting. Today I finally made myself write out our dispute of the charges item by item. Fortunately we have pictures and they also failed to give us an itemized list after the initial inspection done by the wife. So even though her husband has a higher standard for cleaning than she does, her word goes for any area that she saw during that initial walk-through that he declined to do. That covers most of these charges. This one is a slam-dunk for us if we were to go to court. We are not sure if we'll bother but a suitably threatening letter may keep us from having to. I'm off to send it by certified mail today.

These people are really convincing me that home ownership is where its at, even if it has its hassles at times.

I'm working on unpacking my books. I've made some progress.

There's been a flame war going on in my forum that I've had to monitor. Sometimes I just want to say, "Grow the fuck up" but I restrain myself.

I've had a headache through the weekend and most of this week. Blah.

At least the sun is out; I should take a drive around the new 'hood. :)
Tags: deposit, forum, headache, landlords, migraine, unpacking

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