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14 December 2006 @ 01:16 pm
A few years ago I made the decision to disconnect entirely from Christmas or anything Christmas like in my life (ie "Solstice presents"). I felt that if I didn't believe in the spiritual background of Christmas, why emulate what I consider to be the worst part of it--the materialistic consumer fest this society revels in each year, complete with exhortations to do your American duty for the economy?

It doesn't help that I experience SAD each year at this time.

So I no longer do any kind of shopping other than what I really need to buy, I avoid the frenzy at the stores, and I have a quiet and contemplative December instead. I also avoid holiday weight gain. :)

It's really peaceful this way, and I do connect to the joyful aspects of solstice without all the Xmas trappings.

Bright Blessings!
Matrinkamatrinka69 on December 14th, 2006 08:24 pm (UTC)
Joy is the most important part of the season. Mind you, I usually do indulge in a feeding frenzy (Me feeding everyone else, that is- I can't and don't eat a lot of the goodies I make.) over the holidays, and we do exchange pressies, but if there's no pressies at all, it doesn't matter one whit. We just use this as an excuse to indulge our loved ones with things they'd like but maybe wouldn't get for/do for themselves. Next year, though, I think I need to institute the spending limits for at least one person. Silly goose apparently bought me something ridiculously expensive. She KNOWS better!