Tapati (tapati) wrote,


A few years ago I made the decision to disconnect entirely from Christmas or anything Christmas like in my life (ie "Solstice presents"). I felt that if I didn't believe in the spiritual background of Christmas, why emulate what I consider to be the worst part of it--the materialistic consumer fest this society revels in each year, complete with exhortations to do your American duty for the economy?

It doesn't help that I experience SAD each year at this time.

So I no longer do any kind of shopping other than what I really need to buy, I avoid the frenzy at the stores, and I have a quiet and contemplative December instead. I also avoid holiday weight gain. :)

It's really peaceful this way, and I do connect to the joyful aspects of solstice without all the Xmas trappings.

Bright Blessings!
Tags: christmas, materialism, solstice
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