Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Moving Day

The movers scooped up our stuff in one hour. We have a few odds and ends that are going with us, but the bulk of our stuff is now going to the new place. I am still at the old apartment because we have internet here for a few days.

Last night I ended up getting sick with some stomach bug. I really want to be in bed, except I have no bed right now. Or blankets, or pillows.

Over here we have a little more cleaning to do, stuff in the garage to dispose of or move to other locations, and the carpet cleaning on Friday. The garage also needs to be cleaned up a bit. Then we're outta here!

I'll be glad when I'm all unpacked and settled. Moving always brings up a lot of stuff for me since I was moved all around during my childhood. I often have nightmares when I move. Normally I like to stay put for at least five years at a time. But since 2002 I've moved three times.

I also look forward to my life settling down enough that I can get back to writing about politics, religion and social issues.
Tags: moving

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