Tapati (tapati) wrote,

bizarro world

So all weekend I was cleaning right alongside packing, which I hated to do, in anticipation of the pre-inspection on Sunday.

Landlord comes in, looks at living room with boxes and furniture and says, "I can't inspect anything, there's stuff in the way!"

Dave tries to tell him this is the pre-inspection. The landlord's letter even referred to it that way. But the landlord just keeps repeating the phrase, "There's too much stuff in the way." So they agree to do an inspection on Dec 3 and the landlord leaves.

I had been hiding in the bedroom and I came out, dumbfounded. I was really angry because I'd been doing all that cleaning when I could just have kept my focus on packing. I decided to go down and explain the process to the landlord and took my printout from the web regarding the process in my state.

His wife answered the door and she had apparently been trying to explain to her husband that this is the way it works, that he wasn't giving up his right to deduct for things covered by furniture or obscured by boxes. She decided to go up with me and do the pre-inspection and we kind of agreed that the women should have handled the whole thing from the start. I don't know if she's playing good cop to his bad cop or what. But at least I could deal with her. She was happy with everything and reasonable about the tears in the lining of the ancient curtains. I thought about sewing them but they were so threadbare I didn't have anything to anchor a stitch to.

We also heard recently that they gave us a good reference for the beach apartment that we felt was way too small.

So at least at the end it appears they are trying to be decent human beings. And on the bright side, most of the cleaning is done. Whew!
Tags: landlords, moving

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