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Happy Tool Day!

I never celebrate Thanksgiving. Honestly, I don't do the dinner or anything related to it. My reason is almost split down the middle between the hypocrisy given how American Indians/Native Americans (pick your term) were treated subsequent to their generous welcome of the Pilgrims and various other settlers on both coasts, and the symbol being dead turkeys.

So I had a productive day of packing and cleaning. We talked it over and decided to pay for a motel room for a week for Ramya and the boys because it was nearly impossible to get any real work done with them present. Between them and all the stuff that goes with them, and the fact that they continuously mess up anything we just cleaned, we were at our wits' end. The landlord is coming for the pre-inspection this Sunday and we have a lot to do to get it ready.

So we found them a place with a kitchenette for the week. We hope this will also prod the powers that be to come through with whatever they're planning to provide for them.

I think it will also be more peaceful for them because there's less to get into in a motel room than in our home. Our grandsons were obviously tired of being told no and we were all tired of saying it. They were acting out more and more. Our patience was wearing thin. Things were being destroyed or poured down the sink drain. (My daughter loved to make "potions" with the various soaps and lotions; her son Jonathan likes to make "candy" like his daddy out of things like toothpaste and hand lotion. Karma? I think so!)

So I'm enjoying the peace and the sound of Tool replacing the incessant cartoon voices of the past two months.

Even though I don't celebrate the day, I am thankful for that!
Tags: grandsons, moving, packing, ramya, tool

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