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Our new apartment

daveseeker found us a place to live! Some people thought I was a little crazy letting my husband pick out our new apartment but I had faith in him. We've looked at enough apartments together that he knows what I am concerned about and what I like. So while I was on my business trip, Dave was looking at apartments. We ended up in the first apartment he saw that day. Compared to where we live now it is a huge step up. It is a bit more expensive but most places we saw advertised were in the same general range.

We are moving away from the town we presently live in (which I always have to be careful not to identify). We will be closer to where daveseeker works and since I travel a lot now, it's also more convenient for me. I am not really tied to our former home town now. I am going to try to keep my doctors though. I hate to start fresh building trust with new doctors.

The new place has both two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a gas fireplace, balcony, double paned windows, central heat and an air conditioner (window variety), a pool and hot tub, and the laundry room is steps from the bottom of our stairs. We are selling our two year old wsher and dryer. I am kind of frustrated that we didn't get to use it again. After years of laundromats and laundry rooms it was like a dream come true to have my own set. But if I sell them rather than store them I can buy a newer bed, which I really need. Or a desk, which I also really need.

Today I have been busy packing and cleaning and am just now taking a break. I also have a lot of work to do on various cases so it's going to be an interesting week. At some point I am likely to be torn between writing and cleaning. And there's likely to be a gap in my internet access. We are going to use the cable company for our internet service provider.

It looks like Tuesday I'll be headed for the Sacramento area. One thing I learned the hard way--if I'm driving after dark, written instructions aren't much help. I don't fancy turning on the light to try to read them. So in the future I'm going to use my tape recorder to read the instructions and just replay it to myself as needed.

I look forward to the peace and quiet of our new apartment when I have time to enjoy it. It does seem like I'll be very busy paying for it and paying off my bills, however. Working from home has turned me into a feverish workaholic!

I did break down and buy myself a few Dia de los Muertos decorations. Next year I'll have a very nice altar and a wonderful place to display it.
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