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13 November 2006 @ 05:02 am
Winds of change  
It's almost halfway through the month and I've looked at one apartment. (A charming but tiny two bedroom with a big ocean view. We dreamed for a moment of having that view but the place would have driven us batty with the lack of space.) Dave is looking at a few tomorrow. I am off on a business trip so I'll try to make some calls from the road or something. I don't know...I'm just too tired to think about it. I bought a bunch of boxes and did some sorting and packing today and will do more when I get back. I have another re-write of my first report to do before tomorrow and then I'll be on the road all day and probably in a hotel by night. (Unless I get crazy and drive home.)

The winds of change are blowing me all over the road, I guess.

Today our patio furniture and all my outdoor plants went over to my in-law's yard. The patio is bare of all save the pumpkins my grandsons painted for Samhain.

I keep hoping to get over to a store that has Day of the Dead decorations, thinking they'll be on sale, but I haven't had time. I saw a beautiful Dia de los Muertos altar at my favorite Mexican restaurant last night. I really want to collect enough to make a nice altar like that. But before the holy day I saw that they were very expensive.

Hmmm, I do have a birthday coming up. :)
crushednchurned on November 17th, 2006 12:54 pm (UTC)
When's that birthday?
Tapatitapati on November 18th, 2006 09:13 pm (UTC)
December 2nd, I'll be 48. It was going to be our moving day and I was really bummed but it looks like we can have our stuff moved earlier in that week. But I am likely to be cleaning the old place that day.

I confess I did break down and buy a few of the less expensive day of the dead figurines and a couple of cards for backdrops.