Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Don't send out a search party

You know I'm busy when a national election that goes well for my party is hardly on my radar. I didn't even turn on the tv on election night, that's how tired I was. But hey, new Speaker of the House! Woohoo!

On the bright side, it's interesting and varied work and as soon as I learn it I'll be in charge of my own schedule as long as I get the work done by deadline.

Meanwhle we're apartment hunting. I have an appointment to see my dream apartment, sounds like, on Monday at 4:30. Large two bedroom, fireplace, large kitchen, fenced patio, one and a half bath, split level (for some reason they seem larger to me, or the one at UCSC certainly did).

Just wanted to log on and say I haven't disappeared.

I saw today in the newsletter that one of my former coworkers has also left the company. I figured that would happen sooner or later. She was working on her graduate degree and I knew she'd want to do something with it other than stay at the same company forever and ever. Good for her and I'm glad my other former co-worker, Westi, got promoted.

My daughter heard today that she can get into some housing very soon. I haven't heard the details but it sounds like it's low or no cost. She also found childcare and got a paper route in her name to supplement her aid. So they should be doing much better too.

And where ever I end up, I should be warm this winter. Fireplace? Insulation? One way or another I'm not freezing for another year. It seems like things are looking up.
Tags: moving, new job

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