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03 November 2006 @ 10:32 pm
Back from Business Trip  
Wow, somehow I feel like a grownup, flying somewhere on a business trip like that. I love flying in terms of the actual plane trip, especially the take off. I had a good experience with (gasp) Southwest Airlines. I've always avoided them because of their policy of making fat people buy a second seat but not publishing any guidelines for size. Basically they suggest online that if you think you might fit their criteria you should just get a second seat when you buy your ticket. Otherwise you risk their personnel deciding when you show up that you need one--how humiliating would that be? They also won't let you just sit by a friend because they don't assign seats in advance so you may not be together. Two fat people can't share one extra seat for the same reason. All of which made me not want to risk them. But this travel was arranged for me. It turned out they were surprised I asked for a seat belt extender, didn't think I'd really need one, and no one spoke of a second seat. At 295 lbs that surprised me. I'm sure many others my size are afraid to fly with them, so they ought to come up with some clear guidelines after testing out different measurements and weights on their seats. (I needed only one inch of the extender, it turned out.) Everyone was really nice and I was pretty comfortable. The lack of assigned seats and my ability to pre-board meant I got window seats and the flight didn't fill up so I had an empty seat beside me. I'm sure this wouldn't happen on a weekend or cross country flight. But this is the route I'm most likely to fly so that works for me.

Got a lot of work to do today so I'll cut this short. We are mailing out our 30 day notice today and already put a copy on their daughter's doorstep so they know it's en route. (We didn't want them to panic and send us a three day eviction notice.) Good riddance!