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In a whirlwind of change

Today I am scrambling to get ready for my trip early tomorrow morning. I'm almost can't believe I'm actually going on this trip or that I got the job. I mean, my luck lately has been pretty bad so it's hard to believe that good things can still happen. I hope I have equally good luck finding a new place to live and that it's nicer than where we are.

So I won't be online for a couple of days. I don't have a laptop case yet so I'm not taking my computer with me.

I'm sure the landlords expect us to give notice by today or tomorrow, but it will have to wait until later. The 30th of November is a Thursday. We want to give notice so that we have the first weekend of December to move. Uh, like, my birthday. What fun!

We're going to borrow money to hire movers, Dave says. Fine with me! I may come up with some money for some packing help, too.

My new therapist was pointing out that we could express our feelings about how the landlords handled things when we give notice. Good idea. :)
Tags: landlords, moving, new job

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