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30 October 2006 @ 10:20 pm
The Landlords Strike Back  
In response to our letter after their initial threat of eviction this is what our landlords have to say after avoiding talking to us each time they've come down:

David and Tapati (last name),

This letter is a responce [sic] to your letter dated October 10, 2006.

As stated in the last paragraph of your letter you asked us to let you know if you must leave. "THE ANSWER IS YES," rather than endure a formal eviction. Give us a written 30 day notice as specified in the contract. Two weeks before you leave we will do a walk-thru [sic] inspection to determine the condition of [unit number] which will give you time to correct any problems. You will also be responsable [sic] to comply with the cleanup list you signed.

(landlords' names)

I received this today in the mail by certified letter, return receipt requested. Then shortly after it was delivered their van was parked downstairs. Is this a sadistic plot to watch us squirm? Yes I could demand they go ahead and try to evict us, fight it, etc., but that takes more energy than I have right now. I went through court with psycho landlady (and won) when she stole our entire 2800.00 deposit and it's really stressful. And in the end I'd be living near and giving money to people who hate me, even if I win.

So I got pretty upset and was having a bit of chest pain but I am calmer now. I think I'm starting to go numb.

It would be really nice to get a call or email today that I've got the job I just interviewed for. It's about time I had a break.

And...rrrrring rrrring--I just got the phone call and I got the job! I'm not kidding, while I was writing this the phone rang and I ran to answer it. Not only did I get the job but I'm going to Southern California on Wednesday to start training. All expenses paid. I'll be doing some traveling for this job, and then writing reports. Below the cut is their description of the job:

The Statement Investigator will conduct field interviews regarding
workers' compensation injuries throughout California and will then
write a lengthy and thorough report based on information obtained
during the interviews. This job is a career opportunity as it will
lead to licensing as a Private Investigator if you so choose. Field
person must be willing to drive own car to various California
locations. Computer and writing skills are a must! Pay is per
report; the more reports you get done the more money you make.
Depending on ability and work ethic, the salary range for this
job is 24k to 54k, plus benefits. A typical day would involve
driving to various job sites and residences in California, spending
one to two hours interviewing a witness at each site, and then
returning home to write a report based on your findings.

Yes, sometimes it will be dicey driving with a migraine and I'm trying to figure out how I will handle that (bus? ice pack?) but I think staring at a computer screen is even more hellish. And there will be times I am at home, writing reports, and I can take a break and lie down when I have to. I am hoping that after training I'll have enough flexibility to arrange my schedule around the worst of the migraines. Really, I managed to only be out 12-18 days per year with them and I'll be a contractor (after training) so my time is my own to manage. (Employers can't call you a contractor if they start pressuring you to stick to a particular schedule. They can only give you the work and a deadline.)

The main thing is, I find this work infinitely more interesting than bookkeeping or even human resources. I'm excited to be learning this and that it can lead to getting licensed as a private investigator if I want to.

What a confusing day this is! I have to look for a place to live and move, and I have a job. Actually I think the job wins out--and while moving is a bitch, living around these people is even worse. I'm really done with them. Too bad--they seemed so nice when we first started renting from them, and for the first couple of years.
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litlebananalitlebanana on October 31st, 2006 04:51 am (UTC)
Landlords are horrible. I was rooting for you, but I'm not that surprised about the letter. This is why I am committed to trying to find a company to rent from rather than an individual.
Matrinkamatrinka69 on October 31st, 2006 02:42 pm (UTC)
Companies are often WORSE than individuals. Yes, your contract is all spelled out in advance far more completely, but it usually means a lot more headaches in the long run.

I can't wait until next year. We're planning to move to Missouri, to our own tiny little cabin just up from the lake. No more bullshit $400/month lot rent for precisely NOTHING in the way of ammenities or services. It is sad when my husband commuting from Missouri to Iowa will end up costing us LESS than living on the other end of town, but there ya go.
litlebananalitlebanana on November 1st, 2006 01:17 am (UTC)
I've done a lot of renting and my experiences with individuals have always been really horrible, while my experiences with companies have usually been pretty neutral. I feel like companies just care about getting their money and don't take things so personally. They don't spy on you and call you a "horrible person" like one of my previous landlords did (because I wanted to move out four months early and I had a new tenant interested as well as offering to pay an extra month's rent when I wouldn't be living there).
Tapatitapati on November 1st, 2006 01:31 am (UTC)
In my many years of renting, most of my experiences with individual landlords, even when they started out as nice, ended up being really bad. They do take things personally. It's like they're leaving their baby with you or something. I understand that some tenants really trash apartments, but stop assuming we all will!

The times I've rented from either a company or directly from the government were the best experiences I had.

I did get burned on my deposit by UCSC though.

Sure there are some bad property management companies too, but on the whole most of them at least know rental laws and don't act like you're about to shoot their dog.

The last three individual landlords I've had have been nuts. I'm done with that!
Matrinkamatrinka69 on November 1st, 2006 12:04 pm (UTC)
Ah. See, I've had almost the opposite experience. When I've rented from an individual, I've been able to work with them through the down slumps. Companies have always been more "Where's our money? No, we don't care about you at all." I guess it really depends on the people you're renting from. I've ended up with decent landlords who were also decent people, not psychos. ;)
Tapatitapati on November 4th, 2006 04:51 am (UTC)
I suspect a lot depends on the individual person or company. Some landlords are horrible and so are some property management agencies, while some are just fine.

I think I'd just like a switch from it being so personal after three bad landlords in a row, two of whom were personally attached to the rental spaces and for that matter all three had previously lived in them.