Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Landlords are here today

They periodically come and stay in the front unit. Their daughter lives in the back unit. So they've obviously missed the response to their notice that we mailed yesterday. We thought about this and decided to stick a copy on their mailbox while they were out. We prefer for them to read it before we talk about this situation.

I personally am leaning towards leaving anyway if they are going to be so hard core as to want to evict us if we don't throw our daughter and grandsons out. So whatever...

It's a pointed reminder that as a renter this isn't really my home. It makes me wonder once again if leaving this area and moving to a place where 2 bedroom homes don't cost over 700 K might not be a bad idea. I'd like to have a real home where I can invite anyone I damn well please to stay as long as I like.
Tags: landlords
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