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21 July 2005 @ 04:09 am
Goodbye Scotty  
James Doohan passed away yesterday. I understand they are going to send his ashes into space! Good ending to a great life, entertaining billions.


I read Harry Potter, finishing it Tuesday night. I won't post any spoilers at this time. I will return to this later. I will only say that I was sad at the ending.

I do have one quibble that I don't think is much of a spoiler--but stop now if you want to remain even slightly unspoiled.

She has portrayed that each country has its own magical society counterpart to our own. I would think that Voldemort and crew are dangerous enough that all such communities would be working together against this threat. Who would imagine he would stop at terrorizing one such society? There is no mention at all of how the rest of the magical worlk is reacting to the news of his return and his followers' activities.

I hope this is rectified in the next book. I can't imagine everyone else in the world is looking on and feeling like this is a self contained problem.

Reader reactions to Harry Potter (the real secret isn't given away but alluded to):

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