Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Follow up on Body Image

Here's another great entry from dean_italiano about body image. Don't miss it!

I called back my HMO today to find out if I was authorized and found out that the process had been misrepresented to me. I was supposed to contact a therapist first (only calling them for referrals if needed) and make an appointment, then get the authorization. And I had thought it strange that their representative didn't ask mental health screening questions to find out if it was an emergency. Well he was supposed to. Today the guy I spoke with did and then had me talk to a counselor who did a lethality assessment. (Something I'm familiar with after my time on the suicide crisis line.) So what was up with the other guy? I feel bad that I didn't get a name because someone needs to talk to him! What if someone didn't get that assessment and then killed themselves?

So tomorrow I can finally call the therapist and see if I can make an appointment. I've only been waiting over a month to get this insurance and get the ball rolling. Somehow I've been hanging on, getting more and more depressed as I waited. Our lovely health care system at work. If only it didn't snow in Canada, I'd move there.
Tags: body image, depression, health care, suicide
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