Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Unexpected turn of events

My grandsons moved in with us today. My daughter was staying with us while trying to raise funds to get an apartment, and the boys were with their father. But then he started talking about sending them to Mexico to be raised by his mother. When my daughter wouldn't sign the papers to give custody over to her and give permission to take them across the border, he said today that he'd just take them across the border illegally. We aren't really supposed to have other tenants here but we'll have to risk it.

I am relieved to have them where we can insure they are properly fed and cared for. My faith in their father's care was limited at best. But it is an added stressor on all of us.

The boys are sleeping peacefully and she is out doing her paper route. I am very tired and I hope they sleep through the night. They both have coughs.
Tags: grandsons
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