Tapati (tapati) wrote,

full and satisfied

My weekend was packed with fun and good food, starting with Indian food on Saturday and continuing on with dinner at one of my favorite veggie restaurants last night after a great concert. (I'd say which one but that would give clues to the area in which I live. Annoying that I can't be more candid...)

In the city we went to a few good stores after we ate and spent a fair amount of money. I bought my daughter a new purse, woven in Cambodia out of some special grasses they have there. I stocked up on soaps and bath salts in anticipation of winter baths. I got a new sex toy and also some spices at the Indian store. I got my rose ice cream fix for dessert. I looked around in the store where I bought my altar and saw others just like it and verified that it is mahogany like I thought. They had another version of it with a round top. I probably would have bought it if they'd had one in stock the day I bought mine. But I've grown attached to the 6 sided version. They had so many cool things that I'd love to furnish my home just from that store.

The concert really rocked and our seats turned out to be pretty good. We were high but in the front row of our balcony and the seats were very comfortable. We had an excellent view of the stage.

Today I have to catch up on mundane tasks like bill paying and laundry. Back to Earth I fall. :)
Tags: labor day weekend

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