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29 August 2006 @ 03:14 pm
health insurance angst  
My current health insurance is up at the end of this month. We are still waiting to hear about getting me on Dave's plan. I am anxious because throughout each month I have meds I need to pick up and want to have something in place as soon as possible. I know that in the end we can straighten it all out if it gets billed to my current provider and then has to be resubmitted to my new carrier, but that sounds like a huge hassle. I just like the safety net of having insurance clearly in place before I incur medical expenses.

My new insurance will have higher copays, so I'll still be hoping for a good plan through whatever job I get.

My fifth "surgiversary" is coming up, the anniversary of my heart surgery. The term was coined by the Mended Hearts group. We are planning a day trip to the city to celebrate, checking out an Indian restaurant and going to the Indian ice cream store that sells rose ice cream (among other cool flavors like saffron and chai in addition to chocolate, etc.) and a few other stores. We'll be nearby the store I bought my altar table at, so I do want to go in and at least look at what they have.

My migraines continue and I spent last night zonked out on pain meds. I hate to have to resort to them; I hate the intoxicating effects. I wish I could take imitrex.