Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Interests image collage meme

This is going around and it's kind of a cool idea. For the record, here is the list of interests it's representing:

57: "classic rock", alanis morisette, altars, ani difranco, aretha franklin, beatles, bhajans, body image, buddhism, cookbooks, cooking, dave matthews band, democrat, domestic violence, enya, fat acceptance, feminism, firefly, gardening, george harrison, glbt, goddess, hare krishna, joan of arcadia, john lennon, joss whedon, keokuk high school, kirtans, koko taylor, kuan yin, laura love, libana, liberal, metallica, miata, mysteries, nin, pink floyd, politics, r&b, sci fi, shrines, singing, social activism, star trek, sudie rakusin, suicide prevention, tempest, the cauldron, the dresden dolls, tool, ucsc, vegetarian, veronica mars, wicca, women, writing.

Tags: interest collage

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